Weekly Reads 5.0

It’s been a pretty decent week, quiet, but that always leaves more time for reading so I’m not complaining. It was a pretty great book haul this week, nothing to top Where The Crawdads Sing (definitely my book of the year) but some fantastic books worth sharing!

War Doctor by David Nott

Inspiring, heart felt and full of passion this is the medical biography to top them all. In this book David Nott tells of his experience working as a surgeon, but focuses mainly on the humanitarian work he does in war zones such as Syria, Afghanistan and Libya.

David Nott is an inspiration, not only working as a surgeon in a London hospital, a humanitarian surgeon on unpaid leave he worked as a commercial airline pilot in his spare time.

The book contains anecdotes, but mostly it is packed with compassion. This was a beautiful book, illustrating the impact humans can have in combating the devastation of war when they are driven by charity.

Paper & Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie

Funny and relatable, this is the perfect YA read. Tabby is tired of fitting in. In fact, why bother at all? Books are all she needs, right? But when she is suddenly sent to live with her grandma she finds herself more isolated than ever, which leads her to a YA bookclub, the Paper & Hearts Society.

But as always, the course of true love never did run smooth. And Tabby’s old life starts to catch up with her… Tabby gets to live out every booklovers dream with a literary road trip hitting up spots like the grave of Sylvia Plath and then there’s a crazy Jane Austen themed dance parties in her new friends living room.

It’s a world you can’t help but wish you were part of! Is this going to be a real society? Because if it is, sign me up already! It’s out on the 13th of June so make sure you get your copy on pre-order as is it SO worth a read!

Opposite of Always by Justin Reynolds

Imagine meeting the girl of your dreams. Dating her for four months. And then she dies on you, literally. And the universe, with it’s crazy sense of humour, sends you back in time to live it all again. And again. And again.

Well that’s exactly what happens when Jack meets Kate. She’s amazing. Funny. Beautiful. Smart. One year older. Oh and she’s got sickle cell anemia which complicates things. Soon Jack realises that maybe he has a chance to save Kate. With some well placed bets, ruining and repairing several friendships, going for a different girl, Jack finally hones his plan to perfection.

He’s not going to let Kate die. He is going to save her life. Whatever the cost. It’s an epic teen romance. Full of heart, desperation and love. Perfect if you enjoy reading Nicola Yoon.

The Beekeeper of Aleppo by christy Lefteri

Poignant, provoking and piercing, this is a much needed book in today’s world. With great insight and compassion Lefteri tells the story of Nuri, a beekeeper in Aleppo and his wife, Afra, an artist left blind by a bomb. The same bomb that killed their only child.

This book follows Nuri as the situation rapidly deteriorates in Aleppo and he is forced to leave his home and make the illegal and highly dangerous journey to England to reunite with the rest of his family. Nuri loses himself along the way, this is the journey to bring him back.

This was an eye opening read, emotionally, in terms of the refugee crisis. The way Lefteri writes Nuri’s story struck my heart and I really felt pain for these people. A beautiful, literary masterpiece. This is available for pre-order and will be released on 2/5/2019.

Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans

Pitched as a modern retelling of Sleeping Beauty, this is a futuristic depiction of the capacity of medicine. Laura wakes up not knowing who or where she is. But the whole world has been following her story for 40 years while she has been carefully preserved in a cryogenic sleep, not to be awoken until medicine had the ability to cure her.

Adapting to the modern world is hard. Her entire family has died in tragic accidents. But the more Laura learns, the more she realises things are not as they seem, and underneath the surface of it all, maybe her new guardian isn’t what she seems, maybe the friendly veneer is hiding something much more sinister. Full of twists and turns, a few murders, and lacking only a prince charming, (but who needs a man?) this is not a YA book to miss. Imaginative, fresh and creative this is the YA book of the summer.

This book is out on 4/4/19! And I can’t WAIT to get copies on the shelves. It’s fast paced and gripping and a thrilling read!

Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke

Wow this was a ride from start to finish. I am not a believer in astrology and so maybe didn’t appreciate this book as much as I could have. Oh it’s published on 4/4/19 in case you wanted one!

It starts as a typical lover story with the boy next door as kids. But then parents move away and end of story right? Well as there’s a whole book to go we can safely assume there’s more to the story. Fast forward 20 years and Justine is working as a write for the Star magazine and Nick is a struggling actor dating a model. When they run into each other Justine takes a wild gamble and starts editing Nick’s horoscope each week in an attempt to bring them together.

The book also follows the lives of several individuals intermittently as their lives are also affected the Justine’s meddling. Funny, charming and laugh out loud good, this is perfect if you like Josie Silver or Louise Pentland.

BLoom by nicola skinner

This book was crazy the whole way through. Unpredictable and hilarious this is a great read. Sorrell is a very obedient child, in fact she’s so good she might even win a trip to Portugal at school because she’s that good. But then she finds some surprising seeds in her garden. And every some experimenting, Sorrell starts to grow up in a very surprising way…and it’s catching too! Don’t get too close or you never know what your hair will turn into! It’s out on 4/4/19 so not long until you can grab a copy!

It’s fun, exciting and a very easy read

Big Cat by Emma Lazell

Okay I couldn’t finish up this weeks weekly reads without mentioning this picture book. It was HILARIOUS. An a complete success with my siblings, they LOVED it. It’s about an old cat grandma who loses her glasses and then accidentally finds a tiger in her garden. Without her glasses she mistakes it for a cat and brings it in. Whilst in search for the owner, the tiger parents show up bringing the missing glasses. You really have to see her face when she realises she’s been living with a tiger. But they all make friends, and then the tigers become regular guests at the dinner table. This generations The Tiger Who Came To Tea. Wonderful.

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